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The Minden Flour Milling Company.


The Frye Machining Co.


The Concrete Cream House is a tall narrow structure that will fit in nicely and add interest to any scene.

    Listed below are my On-Line structure kits.

      These craftsman kits will keep your railroad busy.

    Besides going around in circles your railroad needs a purpose. It needs places to go and things to do. It needs some on-line structures to generate traffic. Well, here are some good answers. Plus they are fun to build.

    The Minden Flour Milling Company is a precise replica of an actual structure that still stands today in Minden, Nevada. It was originally severed by the famous Virginia and Truckee RR. Today, US Highway 395 runs down the right of way. As you pass by you can literally reach out your car window and touch this historic structure. I stopped and took a handful of photographs with which I constructed this model.

    A new model I am working on is the Frye Machining Company. This three-story brick factory is sure to be a winner. Pioneer model builder Jim Frye free-lance designed this model way back in the 50's and built it out of cardstock. I suppose we could do the same but, well, we'd just have a cardboard model. Just think what it will be like to have it in fine scale brick. It will be a masterpiece!

    Tne Concrete Cream House isn't a materpiece but it is a nice piece of model work. A friend of mine was trying to put together a Campbell's Creamery kit and he wasn't happy with the embossed plastic brick or stone, or whatever that stuff is, so he suggested that maybe we (yeah, who is this "we" anyway?) could maybe replace it with some Hydrocal, maybe in concrete. Sure, that would be simple enough. While I was at it I figured I might as well make a little kit out of it. After all, that's what I do, is make kits. So, it is nothing fancy, Just a thin little narrow guy that could maybe fit in between some tracks almost anywhere, and serve as almost anything. You can attach it to another building or it can stand alone. I'm sure you can come up with a use for it on your railroad.

    I have lots of other ideas for this category of on-line structures. I should get busy and do some of them!


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