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Please feel free to contact me -

    Hey, I am a model builder just like you. Sometimes I run into trouble or I just don't understand how to put something together. Usually I can figure it out on my own but other times it would be nice to contact the manufacturer and tell him what an idiot he is.

    If you do have any problems or questions with any of my kits I do want to help you solve them. Hopefully I've done a good job and you won't have any difficulties. Certainly that is my aim. If there is a broken or missing part more than likely we'll be able to replace it. And hopefully web site will answer many of your questions. Be sure to check out the "how to" section.

    And of course if you would like to purchase or reserve any or all of my castings and kits I'd love for you to do just that.
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    There are a couple of ways that you can contact me.

    A message in a bottle addressed to me here at Chennault Beach might work however one of the following might be quicker.

    I usually check my e-mail daily unless of course I don't.

    I usually go to the Post Office weeky unless it's Sunday, or a holiday.

    I'll usually answer my telephone unless its a solicitor. I let my Dad get those. Please note that we are on Pacific Coast Time- three hours difference from the east coast. Eight hours behind GMT. I usually walk in the morning and am back, hard at work, by 9 a.m. and quit at midnight. But please note: often I am busy castings and I cannot always take your calls.

    And during the summer often I'll take off for a month or more, camping, fishing, motorcyling, and looking for the next great model to build.


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P. O. Box 1427
Mukilteo, WA 98275

E-mail:   C. C. Crow  

As last resort-
Phone: (425) 355-5622

Pacific Coast Time -
between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. - weekdays please


  C. C. CROW     P. O. BOX 1427      MUKILTEO, WA   98275   USA