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Reference Photographs of Structures

The Minden Flour Mill, Minden, Nevada.

The Pennsylvania RR depot in Loudonville, Ohio.

A postcard of the Pennsylvania RR depot in Loudonville, Ohio where my father was born.
My grandfather was the station master.

   Welcome to my prototype photo reference section!

   I have been taking photographs of structures for years. I have thousands of color transparencies. Many are of family and friends, activities and events. Many chronicle my motorcycle tours, high seas adventures and hikes through strange lands. There are many railfanning journeys and lots and lots of structures, railroad and otherwise. Those are the focus here. I have compiled them in a collection which I half seriously call
The History of Masonry Structures in North America, well, as I see it.

   I have not yet had the time to scan them all but I will be slowly adding more to the list. Eventually, who knows what may happen.

   Meanwhile here at least are a few and note that many are sprinkled about my product pages and in with the odd tales. I hope you enjoy them but please, no stealing. They are for your personal reference only. I suppose they are available for commercial purposes but you must ask and possibly pay. Such it is in our free capitalist market. But I am happy to share them with you in this but limited way through the Internet.

    Listed below are my album pages.


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