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A-48, Arches National Park, the perfect campsite.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


Motorcycle Stories and Other Assorted Tales

by C. C. Crow

1994 Who's In Charge? Motorcycle Tour

5-21 SAT
Go to Bill's BMW to buy fork oil and ask about tires. Well, lets go look. How much air do you run? When was the last time... wheel bearings, brakes tight, steering bearing- $$$ I'm depressed. Go visit Steve's hobby shop.

5-22 SUN
Wake with a better attitude. Work on bike all day. Change oil, filter, gear and drive oils. Check breaks, set. Change fork oil. Disassemble speedometer and fix (I hope). Feel much better about tour. I was having second thoughts. It's been a few years. Maybe fall would be better. It's going to be fun!

5-28 SAT
Call Rooti, rendezvous Sunday the 5th at Baker Creek Campground, Great Basin. He's ready.

6-1 WED
Went to Bill's yesterday- only $366.00, all I wanted was a front tire... They pointed out the bad front brake pads that I had ignored. Did rear bearings, replaced inner race, discolored. I bought $20 rain gear and $425 BMW leather coat. My old one is too small.

Wed. the 1st is supposed to be leave date but you know how it goes. Went to PO for last time, gassed up and went to Hundman's. Jeff has finished the last of Waynesboro drawings. It was 4 p.m. by the time I could say I was ready to go- so I'll leave in the morning.

6-2 THUR
I was tired! Wake at 5 a.m., too early, up and shower by 7:30. Last minute this and thats. Check the list. Fix (I hope) saddle bag latch. Okay, it's 9:30 when I finally leave. Should stop at Bill's, or Steve's, no, no. Over Ship Canal, the perfect Seattle picture, beautiful day, sea plane landing on Lake Union, jet plane over head. Stop at Nasqually Wildlife Ref. for stretch. Get off I-5 at Vader, go into Kelso the back way, mc crash, cops. Take pic of bridge, Wearhauser train. Back on I-5 to Vancouver, check out train depot, bridge, gas, into Portland. Visit Irene in hospital, 3G19, nurse, Fred. 4 p.m., gotta go. Crazy guy on I-205. Rest stop, decide to go up Willamette R. Stop at dam and covered bridge. On to Oakridge, gas and groceries. More photos of SP equipment. Discover lens set of f22. Head up road to BLUE POOL CG, site 24. Highway noise but very nice. Big trees. Leftover lasagna for dinner. SP rail fanning by lantern light. Eight locos on modest junk train.

6-3 FRI
Up at 8, moving by 9. Stop at RR bridge and wait for train that doesn't come. Stop at falls. Over pass. Take forest road 60, back track, dead- end, finally on to WINDIGO PASS, 12 miles up there is snow! Blast through first band. Have to stop and inspect second. 30 ft of snow. Risk it? I'm this far. Toss dirt and pine needles on it to mark my path. This is it. If I crash someone ought to be up in a few days. And what's up ahead? More snow?? Varoom- just remember don't break your leg! A little slip, a little slide and I'm across. Top of the pass just around the corner. Very nice. I zoom down the highway, cut across to Crater Lake. Ugly rangerette. Generator purrs. Into the Park. Lunch break by the lake. Cold and windy. Jays. I do the rim drive. Put snow in cooler. Back on the highway to Kalamath Falls, check out the town, RR tracks, depot and roundhouse. Head for Susansville. Jet mode. Stop here and there. Stop in BP for gas. Kid dumps gas over my bike! I can't believe it. Oregon SUCKS. Law says they must pump gas. Pass by forest fire, watch plane dump retardant. Near my camp? It's getting late and my options are limited. Laughlin CG is a joke, what a dump, cow pies, no water, no charge, oh well.

6-4 SAT
I sleep in till 9:30. Jerk off until 10;30, finally get going. Plane glides in and drops retardant. I go back and take photo of cool barn. Cop. UP train. Head down 395 to Reno, see old BMW, the guy is cruising. Take 359 up hill and over to Virginia City, cool town, lots of building to photograph, rodeo parade, Goldhill and Silver City. Into Carson City, take quick tour. Down 395 to Genoa, Rangerette with weed whacked, over to Minden to say hi to mill. Down to Holbrook Jct, around through Wellington and Smith, up alt 95 to 50 and Fallon. Decide to jet east into evening. Past Sand Mtn and desert bombing range. At Eastgate I take old highway 722 up Carroll Summit and camp by road, great site, just one more car goes by and its quiet for the evening. Next on at 7 a.m. Sleep under the stars. Hoot owl scares the heck out of me.

6-5 SUN
Wake at 4 a.m., can't sleep, watch moon rise. Finally sleep a little more. No water. Over Railroad Pass and into Austin, very cool town, lots of photos, tight town, churches, cute things. Continue east on Rt. 50, "The Loneliest Highway", one summit after another, to Eureka, okay buildings, keep going, stop at Antelope Summit for canned salmon lunch. Stop at Ruth Copper Pit, Ely for groceries. Ride hard into GREAT BASIN, check out store, no Rooti, unless he got a new bike. Up the hill, turn left onto gravel road to BAKER CREEK. Okay, let's party. He's got site 14, stole it. Cook steaks and drink beers. Big smoky fire, Rooti has the most huge tent, you could park your bike in it!

6-6 MON
Goof around breakfast, ride up to visitor's center, joke with rangers, water up at drinking fountain, ride up other side to Wheeler Peak CG, try to hike Bristle Cone Pine trail but its snowed in so we turn back. Campground is being renovated. We head back down and go to Baker to Whispering Pines for great $3.50 shower. Back to camp for spaghetti dinner and another smoky fire.

6-7 TUE
Break camp, stop at Baker store for gas and talk with Baker babe. We go up over pass and drop down to Pioche, stop to toss rocks at bottle. Take back road into Enterprise and up to PINE VALLEY CG. Stop and talk with talkers. Hang around sawmill camp.

6-8 WED
Head down into St. George via Spanish Trail. Take side trip to Calente, have lunch at Frosty. UP power hop. Into St. G., stop for groceries and sports shop. No liquor stores! Into ZION, crowded, we take last ride into canyon, next year it will be restricted to busses. Snack lunch. Yell at speeders. Up through the tunnel, jet across to BRYCE CANYON, it's 4:30 p.m., decide to call and see if we can delay the boat by a day. No problem. Hang out at Ruby's Inn, tour desk, buy rum, decide to stay at campground. Drive around Sunset and choose site 303, set up and cook dinner, ribs. Rooti stole wood from neighbors, I return it. Talk to the Sloves. Dinner is ready. Just as we sit down the Dickley's arrive, this old couple saying we stole their campsite. They didn't leave anything behind except they said the paper stub. We shake our heads. They refuse to go find another site. Out tents are set up, we're eating dinner. They are in a mini-RV. They go find the camp host, an old guy who they get the ear of, bad ass bikers! He decides the old folks are right and wants us to leave. We tell them to get a real ranger down here. Ranger Bob arrives, law enforcement, asks' "Who's in charge here?" Could it be the guy with the gun?? All right but we explain that it is going to take us some time. Hour on, hour off rule. The ranger takes off and we continue to pack. Then the people leave. We figure to go have dinner. We move to campsite 208 and cowboy camp. Even the ranger had left a milk bottle that said "occupied" on it. We are pissed when we find the Dickley's never come back.

6-9 THUR
We freeze, 33 degrees! Get up and have hot tea and breakfast. The ranger doesn't even come by to say thanks for moving. We check the registration board, rule #1 is leave a personal item to mark you site. We rest our case. We decide to go see the head ranger. Charlie Peterson agrees with us, we were mistreated. We are happy. We go look at the canyon, then head towards Escalente. Stop at the Frosty for a shake, booming business. We go say high to granny at the local visitor's center and ask about the Burr Trail. Looks good. We go to Boulder and stop for a grazing lunch and shade. Cruise down the canyon, it's great but hot. We stop at the start of the gravel road and ask ourselves if we are crazy. Yeah, why not? We talk to someone coming up who says it wasn't that bad but he came up from Capitol Reef. We stop again at the top of the switch backs and take photos of the route. We move on, it's not rough at all. We hit two sandy places but just put it in low and push through. Hey, we didn't remember the dirt going for so long but it does. Past the post, edge of the Park, no further, all the way out to the junction. We must have buzzed over it in the truck, not noticed. Finally we are on pavement again. We stop to celebrate. It wasn't that big a deal, was it? We jet on, it's frying hot. Getting late, the final leg is back onto gravel and its the worst section. Terrible washboard. How much longer? Finally we make it to BULLFROG, camp site 13, cowboy style.

6-10 FRI
Eat breakfast and watch the campground activities. 9 a.m. ferry, watch it come in, $3 each, broken nose. We check in and decide we want an extra day. Messy paperwork. Oops, no tin can, free upgrade to power boat. Okay. Beer and ice, head for the cliffs. Water is up but they still work. Remember, point your toes, slap you hands to your side and breath out. We hang out for a couple of hours. Decide to head north for a change. Less exciting. We check out FORGOTTEN CANYON, see assault of Defiance Ruins, (restored). Find a camp site up a side canyon, nice shady sandy beach. Cowboy camp, BQ chicken, great.

6-11 SAT
So, what are we going to do? Back south? No, we go north to Hite and gas up, beer and ice. Watch show. Let's go up river, we keep going and going, finally realize water is flowing, we're up river, drift back down. It's hot. We head south, looking around. Decide we want to say on main channel. Find a place to hide from the sun and take a swim. Back down the canyon there are no sites, finally come to Forgotten Canyon again, and take the point. We sleep on the rocks under the stars.

6-12 SUN
Our last day on the Lake. We watch the lake wake up from our perch. It gets sunny so we take off down the canyon. Spend the afternoon at swim cliff with a diving show every 15 minutes. Hide from sun. At 4:30 its time to take the boat in. We unload and pack our bikes. Check the boat in, figure out bill. Call home, gas up and roll out. Great vistas. Camp at Natural Bridges. They have defaced the sites with camp pads. I feel bad, tell the ranger so. We cook spaghetti. Neighbors cowboy camp, asks us to turn Rooti Rocket lantern off. Forget it. We watch moon and Venus set. It's silent except for talk radio.

6-13 MON
We give rangers a rough time, ask questions. Decide to ride north, too hot to go south. Ride past Comb Ridge to Blanding. Notice the Stone Bank has been restored. Up to Moab, stop at City Market, real food! Stop at spring for sandwich. Then up along river to Cisco and I- 80. I need tire but GJ is closed Monday. Gas up at Lomar store, cute honey. Ride up rt 139, cool pass, big wind, stop at Dinosaur and think out plan. Too late to make it to Courtney's. We stop in Vernal, ride up the hill, past big phosphate strip mine, they have logged dead forest. Very beautiful aspen forest. Camp at ASHLEY NF, cook pork loins, good, windy, cool.

6-14 TUE
We break camp and drop down to Flaming Gorge Res., visit the dam, feed fish. Ride rt 191 up over high country, windy and cold. Into Green River we see if we can surprise Courtney. He's working swing shift. We do laundry, shop, shower and shave. I go take photos of RR yard and town. Castle Brewery. Watch game 7 of Stanley Cup, 3-2 Rangers over Canucks. Tacos.

6-15 WED
Overcast and cold, ponder our decision. Go out for lunch at cowboy bar. Do nothing, watch movies on TV. Thunder of Drums, The Tailcoat Movie, basket ball game.

6-16 THUR
Okay, we're moving, pack bikes, BIG breakfast at the Embers, walk the bridge over RR tracks, head north via 372,374. Still windy, partly cloudy, cool. Stop at river, stop at bar for hope, BO show, hot tea, into Jackson, the hole, shop for dinner, heading for Brooks Lake, stop at Moose Jct. see Mr. Moose, note TETONS has campsites so we go to Colter Bay CG, site B, BQ beef ribs, campfire, hike hill to see Tetons by moon light.

6-17 FRI
We think about staying but decide to move up to YELLOWSTONE. It was 27 degrees last night. There is ice on the bikes. Break camp and cruise north, the sun is out and it warms up, the forest fire damage is everywhere, take Lake, Canyon to Norris CG, in town camping. Rooti doesn't like the walk in sites so we drive the loops and decide on site 90, in the middle of A and B. Set up camp and then take off for the Canyon, hike Boulder Glacier trail, stop for firewood on the way back, plenty to choose from. BQ chicken and have well needed campfire. Beers around.

6-18 SAT
The geyser tour with Old Faithful Inn dinner, the roads are really bad, they are working on them, well, sort of. Lots of buffalo. We do lower and midway basins, take side roads, into Old F at 3, make res. for 5 p.m. Take history tour of Inn w/ Deardra, we are the wise guys, built in 1903 designed by Robert Reamer, watch OF erupt from verandah, go have beers in the bar. Bartenderess tells us to ask for Cynthia, Rooti has pork, I have prime rib, great. Look at fetishes in shop, Georgia twins, so cute, ride home via sun, big blazing fire. My speedometer is out.

6-19 SUN
Another decision day, what to do? Break camp with Rooti and escort him to Cody, stop at Lake shop, too picky, road to Cody is torn up, they are widening it, Great scenery is torn up too, oh well. Really cool canyon, no photos, but next time... Stop at gas, oil at wall mart, DQ. The contrast girls. So long Rooti, so long Tunis. I circle town, go north to 120, to 296, up over Dead Indian Pass, spectacular views, meet bikers, stop here and there, into Cooke City for pop and ice, maybe camp here, there, to Tower, MAMMOTH SPRINGS CG, site 30, into town for beers and call home, Fathers Day, soup for dinner, German neighbors, nice sunset. I've ridden 300 miles and moved my camp 20 miles north.

6-20 MON
Varoom, veroom... the camp is circled by the main road into the Park. I put the covers over my head. At sun up I give in. Walk Mammoth Terrace and take $2.75 shower at the hotel. Visitor's center date is wrong or I am. Watch video on fire, go north to Livingston, visit museum, eat at Winchester In & Out. West on I-90 to Logan, chase ballast train to Helena, clouds, out of film, ride up pass, CG closed, back down to Remi, cheap camp, last site, exhausted. Cook chicken, thunder and lightening, little rain.

6-21 TUE
Break camp and return to Helena, find slide film at Butterfly 5-10, circle city, lots of brick, check trains, head west, skip Mullan Pass, lots of bicycles, into Missoula for rear tire. DQ, circle town, inspect Montana Rail Link, see GP9, SD9, roundhouse is gone, truck circle. Hot! Take 93 north, try and call Mike and Jane, no answer. Ride along NP to Paradise. Very cool country. Stop at bridge, leave and train comes, hot piggyback race, Too late at Thompson Falls, down in canyon, come to North Shore CG, "stop now", good and tired, cowboy camp, eat from cooler, fishing with Missoula family, wet.

6-22 WED
Must be no charge, I leave early, into Sand Point, UP train into Priest River, head up the Pend Orille, chasing chip train, very hot again, up into hills, stop by water at Kettle Falls, up to Sherman Pass, cool, shade and cold cold water. Drop down from Republic into Colville Indian Reservation, very nice scenery. Wonder why the Indians stay in the desert?? Into Grand Coulee, big gray cloud, windy, check out dam, keep going, maybe camp, maybe camp. Too windy, no cover, Coulee City park, on the end, grassy, set up tent at sunset, still windy, take cool shower.

6-23 THUR
Wake early, it rained twice but not bad, pack up, can't figure out how to pay. Expresso stand? Camas city, granaries, take Rt 2 across, stop at church, Waterville, construction babes, through Wenatchee, take side roads, rain threat, decide to push for home rather than Mt. Rainier, more construction, snack at Stevens Pass, put on rain gear at top of hill, cold. Stop at Zekes for onion rings and shake, cops, rain, no trains, turn at Monroe, back roads to visit hobby shop, traffic home, house is taped up for painting.

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