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A-48, Arches National Park, the perfect campsite.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


Motorcycle Stories and Other Assorted Tales

by C. C. Crow

1984 Lost Tour

8-15 WED
Pack bike, takes till 1:30. Drive over Steven's Pass. Stop and take photos of RR bridge (Rock Island) just past Wenatchee. Took back roads across to Lyon's Ferry on Snake River. Arrive at midnight. High steel RR bridge across river, barges.

8-16 THUR
Wake early, pass through Lewiston/Clarkson. Ride up LOLO PASS. Great bike road. Endless Ss. Rain near pass and down through Missoula. Drop south into Idaho. Camp near Hoback by Cal hippies.

8-17 FRI
Rain just stopped. Try and call Rooti, not there, talk to Pam, his roommate. Climb through Hoback Valley. Repair work on bridge. Get to summit and dramatically come out of clouds. Lunch at Green River w/Courtney and friends. Jet east across Wyoming on I-80. Drop down towards Colorado. Thunderstorms looming. Arrive ROOTI's. Party in full swing. Meet Pam. Play trivial pursuit and have good time.

8-18 SAT
Goof off. Rooti gets ready for trip. Have pre-function with Rooti Fan Club.

8-19 SUN
Fool around and finally leave at noon. Stop at Condo's for visit. Martin is cute kid. Go across to Idaho Springs. Stop at Blackhawk and take photos of Iron Works. Move on to Fremont Pass by Amex plant. Just across Monarch Pass we camp out in middle of f*ing nowhere. Rain.

8-20 MON
Stop in Gunnison NM, look at big hole in ground. Head south to Lizard Head Pass. RAINs like crazy. Got soaked. Get to Monticello and decide to stay in cheap hotel. Has hot tub and pool. Eat dinner at Hoggies. Soak and smoke.

8-21 TUE
Head southwest for BULLFROG marina on Lake Powell. Rent small boat for two nights. Pile stuff in and head out. Getting late and all the good spots are taken. Can't find right canyon (one we found before). Find it but go too far. Best spots taken. Take OK spot.

8-22 WED
Go out for cruise after cliff diving. Sit on rocks and wait to become braised then jump in. Play you first game. Saw some neat places on lake cruise. Lost map. Almost crash into rocks.

8-23 THUR
Pack up and head back. Cloudy. Want to take short cut (Burr Trail) but too much water over road. Go on around. Try to take gravel road but too muddy, my front tire clogs up and I crash. Have to take long way (highway) around. Camp at RED CANYON, near Bryce.

8-24 FRI
Go to Zion and hang out, relax, write postcards. Head to Las Vegas. Rooti's bike poops out. Battery not charging. Have to push start it. Go a few miles and rest, let battery catch up. Limp into LAS VEGAS. Get recharged at Ike's. Busy place. Go to Frontier, no rooms. EL RANCHO. Go out and gamble. Loose quick.

8-25 SAT
Left lantern on tree at Red Canyon. Oh dammit. Buy new one. Eat lunch at commercial deli. Go back and gamble. Loose. I'm getting the idea. Fix Rooti's bike. Call Bill Bukingham. Bad slip rings.

8-26 SUN
Leave LV. Stop at Hoover Dam, suck down lemonades. Hot. Clutch overheats, slips when passing. Not good. Go to Kingman. HILLTOP. Cool, pine trees, thunderstorm show. Great spot. Fire.

8-27 MON
Ride out to Havasu Hilltop. Lots of activity. HORSES. Start down at 11:30. Not too tough but long. Europeans. Follow trail along wash. Get to a point where springs appear. River slowly begins. Miss path near Supia, follow river in back yards. Tired. Camp with tons of people. Water. HAVASU

8-28 TUE
Move tent a dozen times as people leave. Find the hidden perch but people have shit there. Walk down to Havasu Falls. Draw picture. Water seems really cold. Kids come and use rope swing. We are chicken. Girls try. Boyfriends help them, finally make it. Our turn. Great time. Go to Mooney Falls in afternoon. Very cool. Eat dinner and go back to rope swing at dusk.

8-29 WED
Hike out. Buy coke for $1.00. Pay $22.00 for campground. Find foot bridge we missed. Climb out. Meet Cocheese Indian. Japanese princesses at top. Try shortcut but too rough. Go to Flagstaff and camp at SUNSET CRATER. Ribs.

8-30 THUR
Head north. Eat lunch at Navajo Cafe. Terrible. Go to MONUMENT VALLEY. Very cool. Wash clothes and shower. Take pictures. Camp at Devils Canyon CG. Nice.

9-1 FRI
ARCHES Search for Archettes? Almost run out of gas. Get nice campsite. Windy, sand everywhere. Thunderstorm on horizon. Hard time cooking chicken.

9-2 SAT
Relax at camp. Go for ride out to Delicate Arch. Go to DQ. Go on walk around CG. Bad ass bikers steal next site. Arguement when owners return. Rooti hides.

9-3 SUN
Go north along Colorado River. Nearly run out of gas once again. Very nice in Utah. DQ lunch in Glenwood Springs. Nice canyon they are building Interstate through. Get to Eisenhower Tunnel clouds and cold. Rain and hail storm- ice! Get soaked. Welcome to Colorado! Barely make it back to Rootiville.

9-4 MON
Labor Day. BOULDER Goof off. Go see movie Tightrope.

9-5 TUE
Rooti returns to work. I go to Colorado RR Museum in Golden. Lots of junk to see. Screwballs play double header. Loose.

9-6 WED
Go up to Rollins Pass, take pictures of trains.

9-7 THUR
Go with Seadog to climb rocks. Fun. Easy stuff. Top rope, repel down.

9-8 FRI
Rains a.m. Go visit Ball. See satellite assembly room. Go into Denver to train stores. Go to Friday Night Drinking Club with Rooti fan club. Get ripped, 2 for 1. Rooti almost home wrecks.

9-9 SAT
Rooti goes to help Buck put roof on greenhouse. Was supposed to wake me. Good move. Pam and I take in breakfast at Dot's Diner and then take motorcycle ride up Boulder Canyon and Sugerloaf. See new snow on mountains from Friday. Stop at water falls. Come back and no Rooti. Call and go to Brian's for diner. See seven plus acres he's bought up the road. Rooti and finally Seadog show up. Cold ride back.

9-10 SUN
Rooti has to play tennis (with Kim). Seadog wants to go climb more rocks at Eldora, wants to climb Breezy II but full so we go to a shorter rock. Easy. Hard part is around an overhang to left near top. Seadog leads. I pick up the protection as I follow. Fun. Other climbing next to us let us repel down their rope. Best part. Go back to Breezy II and climb 2/3 pitch. First steps were hardest but pulled through. 5.5 rating. Need better shoes. Max.ed out. Go up B Canyon turn south at Magnolia, out to friends to help with wood. Chainsaw broken. Nice twin sisters. BQ ribs and corn then off to softball game. Win. Get nice back/leg rub from Pam.

Something about a back rub and that's it, no more entries. Added following later on:

I hang around another week. Weather was poor. Go to softball games and movies. I think I carved some patterns. Pam takes a day off and we go for ride in mountains. Central City, Idaho Springs. Eat pizza and talk. Pam is bummed about Rooti's home wrecking ways. We hang out by fire.

The party continues. Ball rents out Eulitches Garden, big amusement park in Denver on Friday night. Ride rollicoaster several times. Beer tent, the works. Another Trivial Pursuit game.

9-19 MON
Finally must go home. Drive north, go through Rocky Mountain NP. Construction, sand, elk. Ride and ride, Breaking and Entering at Courtney's. Get busted by neighbor. Tell him I'm Courtney's brother. C's working.

9-20 TUE and 9-21 WED
762 mile day. Get up early, head west by Bear Lake, Logan Pass. Idaho I-80. Ride on and on. Midnight in Oregon, Washington. Procon grade. (?) Sleep 1 hour and get rained on. Move on. Sleep till dawn at next rest area. Move on to Snoqualmie Pass, take back roads home. 50 hours from Boulder.

6000 miles

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