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A-48, Arches National Park, the perfect campsite.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


Motorcycle Stories and Other Assorted Tales

by C. C. Crow

1985 Girl-I-tus Tour

8-17 SAT
We're susposed to leave today but Rooti Rooties out. Has problem finding correct heavy-duty springs. It takes me most of day to get ready anyway. Why push it?

8-18 MON
Wake at 7 a.m. Fool around packing until 9 and finally leave. Load is good and even. Stop at Snoqualmie Pass and take photos. Decide to take scenic route at Ellensburg, though Idaho. Lunch in Orefelo- mex burrito. Stop for photo of Lyon's Ferry Bridge. Go through Nez Pierce IR and up Salmon River. Real Nice area. Rain at Riggins, off & on, gets hard last 10 miles. Hotel and hot shower by Lake McCall. Get lucky in bar.

8-19 TUE
Get up late and head south. More nice country. Cut across gravel road to Lowman. Eat at greasy spoon. See Sawtooth Mnts. Go back down Salmon R. Scenery is like southwest- colorful. Late by 45 min. Rooti had to wait. Rendezvous 1st and Main, ARCO. ON THE ROAD AGAIN - get groceries, go up to Little Wood Reservoir and camp. Chops and campfire. nice moon set.

8-20 TUE
Rooti starts by crashing over on me before we even get started. Go back road to Bellevue, takes two hours to go 25 mi. See Sun Valley. Go north to SAWTOOTH Mtns, camp at Glacier View CG on Redfish Lake. Chicken.

8-21 WED
Sleep in, break camp and go up to Stanley Lake and set up camp. Go back to Iron Creek and hike up to Alpine Lake, 4 mi. Very nice. Go to Redfish Lake for hot showers- great. Come back to camp, eat chicken and rice, have fire, view of lake and mountains.

8-22 THUR
Break camp, Charlie huals off whole cookie! Ride south to Angles Lake above Wells, Nevada. Come back down to Angle Creek to be warmer. Very nice view from top. Eat cheeseburgers.

8-23 FRI
Ride over to GREAT SALT LAKE DESERT. Eat breakfast at Red Garter. Take back roads of Utha. Groceries at Nephi. End up in mountains, camp by river. Cool. Eat hamb. and noodles. Fire.

8-24 SAT
Ice on tent in morning. Cold. Break camp and ride down to Huntington. Eat bisquits and gravey at Price. Ride to ARCHES NP, camp site A-48. Go into Moab, wash hair in spring, get Rooti floats, groceries. Hike from CG to Broken Arch. Eat steaks and go to slide show. The Greatest Earth On Show. Pretty good.

8-25 SUN
Got up at 6 a.m., rode out to Firey Furnace to take photos. Mistake, hiked into poor lighting and missed best shots. Tunis toast. Walked Park Ave, then went into town, washed clothes and bikes, DQ float, ice and book store. Back to camp. Hike Devil's Garden, loop around Landscape Arch, then to Double O. Burgers and slide show, Cryptic Critters, We were spade foot toads.

8-26 MON
Packed up, took scenic highway out to Potash. Then back to Moab. Stocked up with grociers and rode south to Monticello, then back into (west) CANYONLANDS, Needles Area. Real nice area- Set up camp, played Fressbee, climbed rocks, go out to Outpost to buy beers and watch Dallas Cowboys and Bears. Eat BQ ribs.

8-27 TUE
Get up at 7, go to top of rocks, ride out to end of road and walk around, take photos. Go to Outpost, get T-shirts, check jeep rentals, $65 + 25 cents per mile per day. Ride out, down and back west to NATURAL BRIDGES NM, set up camp. Eat tuna salad then do bridge loop. Walk down to Owachomo. Check out solar farm.

8-28 WED
Have a little rain during night. Ask rangers why rods in solar feild- lightening. New ferry at Bullfrog/Halls cuts off almost 100 miles for $3 each bike. There is talk about paving Burr Trail. Hunt around for ice chest. Find at Cheveron Station. Make calls. Get boat #11, groceries, ice & water. Boat #11 no good. Swap for boat #10. Go out to Stray Cat Point. Set up camp at old spot. Go for afternoon cruise. Eat ham, potatoes, beans. Hunt for wood. Build fire pit. Watch moon rise. Party on LAKE POWELL.

8-29 THUR
no entry - on Lake Powell

8-30 FRI
no entry - on Lake Powell

8-31 SAT
no entry - on Lake Powell

9-1 SUN
no entry - on Lake Powell

9-2 MON
no entry - on Lake Powell

9-3 TUE
I get up early and get photos of Bryce sunrise. We pick up camp and head for ZION. Get there early and have left overs for lunch. Go for hike up to Emerald Pools. Eat tuna for dinner. Zioneetes cruise campground. More fresbee.

9-4 WED
Pack up and head for Las Vegas. Stop in St. George, Rooti's Dad is there at mine but don't know which. Stop for pudding half way. Roll into Big Al's. Springs for R's bike only $16. Check into Stardust. Watch TV, Phil D., walk through casinos. Go to airport and pick up Miss Kim. Ride back to Stardust. Rims for dinner. Watch R table but don't gamble. Play Moon Patrol. Get 6-pack, crash. Rooti Rootis.

9-5 THUR
Eat at Hog Trough. Go to bank for $$. Gamble. Pool. Another 6- pack. Italian resturant near Desert Inn. Wonder around there. Back to Stardust to gamble. Steve calls.

9-6 FRI
Eat at trough again. Send Kim to pool. Get oil etc. Sears. Change oil. Laundry. Go downtown gambling. Eat at Horseshoe. Come back and gamble more at Stardust.

9-7 SAT Eat at other end of hog t. Gamble. Rooti and Kim are down a little. I break even. Walk to Circus Circus. Go to airport and say good-bye to Kim. Cruise out of Vegas, back to ZION. Stop for shake. Zion at dusk, chicken for dinner.

9-8 SUN
ZION NP Ride up to Narrows, take walk but don't want to get wet. Go back and hike Angles Landing. See Stray Cats carved in stone by Steve. Goof off. Find a little bucket while playing fresbee. Is this your bucket?

9-9 MON
Head south to North Rim, Grand Canyon. Cool! See canyon. Come down to Lee's Ferry, camp. Windy but clear. Steaks, corn and potatoes.

9-10 TUE
Wake up to clouds, get gas, see new BMW K-model. Ride to Page, check out dam. See B.C. Vespa. Go to DQ. bad burgers. Get groceries. Go through Navajo IR. Stop at Keyenta. Four Corners dusty hole. Down on all fours. Go to MESA VERDE. Cold. Tacos for fire. Bootleg fire. Sky clears up.

9-11 WED
Rain starts at 4 a.m. What are we going to do? Break camp, head for Durango. Very bad trip. Stop and cry. Go to town and have eggs at NY Bakery. Check trains. Travel Lodge $54. Take showers. Walk through town. Watch TV, sulk. Walk to find bike shop, no face sheild for R. Get back then it really rains. Watch Bonanza. Go to Don Juans for beers, chimmies at bar. Befriend Kathy. Go back and hit jaccuzzi. Pass.

9-12 THUR
Clear and cold. What to do? Hang out till 11, decide to head for Rootiville. Skip train and New Mexico. Stop at Salida, on to Arkansas River valley. Check out KOA $10.50. Decide to camp in mountains for free. Hunt down trees and cook pork chops. Corn. Have fire. Last night.

9-13 FRI
Cold, pack up and have little fire. Ride down river, see truck crash. Go to $5 tourist trap, Royal Gorge, ride across suspension bridge, down tram. Ride to Colorado Springs. Eat in Zoo. On to Rootiville. Check out Courtney. Go to Elitch's Garden- Ball night. Ride rollicoaster three times, have fun.

9-14 SAT
Hang out at R house. play with bikes. I have flu, rest. Walk to Tom's. Rockin' Rooti band practice.

9-15 SUNHockey game. Real sick.

9-16 MON
Go to clinic. Must be giardia. Take heavy-duty pills. Rest.

9-17 TUE
Hang out all week. Get better. Weather gets cold.

9-18 WED
no entry -

9-19 THUR
no entry - Lunch with Pam.

9-20 FRI
no entry - Get rear tire.

9-12 SAT
no entry - Slide show.

9-22 SUN
no entry - Go to movies. Night game with Pam. I loose.

9-23 MON
no entry - Monday Night Football.

9-24 TUE
Miss breakfast club. Say good-bye. Leave at 10. It's real cold. Stop and get $. Ride to Golden, Rte 6 up Clear Creek. Stop at Silver Plume. Color is great, snow in peaks. Windy. Snows west side of tunnel. Construction in Glenwood Canyon. On through GJ to COLORADO NM Rim Drive, very cool. Think about camping but push on through sunset. Motel 6 in Green River, Utah.

9-25 WED
Ride north to Price, Helper, take pictures in mountains. Jet through SLC. Up to Idaho. Motel 6. Rode too long.

9-26 THUR
Slept til 8:30. Go to Baker, Ore., Biscuits and gravey at RR diner. Meet Charles. UP 40 ton OHIO crane. Electro-magnet. Boom. Mountains- Fall. Nice ride home.

5791 miles

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