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A-48, Arches National Park, the perfect campsite.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


Motorcycle Stories and Other Assorted Tales

by C. C. Crow

1987 The Freeze Fry Trip

8-7 FRI
I take the day off to prepare- right. Night before I stop at Buckingham's BMW and purchase a sports suit leathers. I'd been looking at coats forever and really hadn't found the right one. The runners up were about $250. Bill was running a sale at 15% off so why not? My old bibs were still okay but now I had a nice pair of paints. Also bought a new fairing windshield. It was over-sized so Clint's plastics shop went to work and trimmed it down to the perfect size. Also sewed and repaired the tent, fixed my backpack so it could be tied down. By evening I still hadn't even started to pack. I did one more tape (copy) and laundry. Went to bed at 1 a.m.

8-8 SAT
Roll out of bed at 8:30, shower and pack-up clothes and personals, pick-up my room a little as Phil and Janet. Mike and Jane will be visiting while I'm away. I eat breakfast and start packing the bike. What to do? Pa's right, I should have a check list. I do pretty much have it down- but... this evening at camp, I can't think of anything I've forgotten. We'll see. I have left overs for lunch, pack beef noodles for dinner. At 1 p.m. I pull out, go the Canadian route, stop at the 7-11 for gas. ON THE ROAD AGAIN. I jet over I-90 because of the time. Stop for a ice cold pink lemonade at Topadahill weenie wagon. I stop at the weigh station but it is turned off. Go till I'm on reserve at 195 MI and gas, 5.3 gal. at 214 miles. Just before Lyon's Ferry I wait for construction and then follow pace car for two miserable miles over freshly oiled gravel. My poor bike! I almost plow over the whole way. It really sucked. I called Courtney at 7 and get the number for Rooti- he's in Alpine Junction, did 500 miles and has 275 to go. I'm in Palmroy. I camp at Chief Timothy which is bug city. Kid Ranger vs. Parents.

8-9 SUN
I break camp early and ride through Lewiston, Clarkston. Almost fall on RR x'ing. Stop in Whitedove for OJ & gas, old pump, Goober is barefoot. I'm first customer of the day. I go north and, stop in Cascade for food, go down to Payette, turn onto dirt road, stop for a beer, BS. Across to Lowman, stop for gas, drop bomb. I get to Stanley at 10 till 4, no Rooti, circle around, park and go into store to get apple pie. Waiting in line Rooti shows up. Okay, let's party. We buy food and head out to Stanley Lake, site #5. Show and tell. Eat giant steak dinner.

8-10 MON
Go into town. Watch clerk dusting postcards. Hit Ranger station, phone doesn't work, Mytel. Radio doesn't work- we ask about weather. We don't know. Kind of laid back in SAWTOOTH. Go up to Sawtooth Lake, take mushy path, 5 miles, beautiful, but windy. Cloudy the minute we sit down for lunch, almost loose my sunglasses in rocks but able to recover them. Take out time going back down. Go into town, get chops. I have forgotten something- my flip-flops, a bandanna and underwear. Buy some. Have blazing fire, tired.

8-11 TUE
Break camp, go to Stanley for C & Ds. Chow down and head north. It gets windy, then cloudy but never rains. We get into Missoula and check out shocks but were not convinced- "these are great shocks and good price" but pass. We go into grocery and head for Lolo Pass, camp at Inez Lake, cook cheeseburgers.

8-12 WED
Holy shit. Break camp and head for GLACIER NP. The boys stop by in a pick-up truck "ya hetting the road?" Yep, we are. Follow logging truck, roll into West Glacier. Not impressed by that route. Straight through trees, no views. We go up to Many Glaciers Hotel via Going to the Sun Highway. Check in, its cloudy and by the evening it looks grim. We find out that they have no room in bus for us so we'll have to hike backwards- up Swiftcurrent to the chalet. We go have big dinner- prime rib. It takes an hour to get served but it was good. We hassle with the transport people. Check out the lodge- nice place.

8-13 THUR
We get our stuff together and drop down to argue with transportation- he's a real jerk. Maybe if there are two no-shows but there's only one so it's up the back way for us. We check our bags after goofing off till 10, take my bike over to swiftcurrent and start our hike. The trail wonders a couple of miles across the valley floor through scrub and small pines, past several lakes. The clouds hang at a constant level just above us. The climb begins at the end of the valley. A rangerette on horseback stops to say hi. A few switch backs and we are in the clouds. We stop for PB&Js just before we couldn't see anymore, by a waterfalls. We go into the mist looking for Mr. Bear. It's very erry, you can't see but right around. Over the pass and 600 ft. drop to GRANITE PARK CHALET. Just out of the mist. It's several stone buildings on a knoll. We notice there are horseshoe pits, and closed johns. The main building has a nice stone porch. We are in room 18. There still three more to come. We go check out the party room which has five bunk beds and a wash stand. That's it. We go back and have cocoa by the fire and wait for diner. We go out for a game of shoes. Rooti win's 15 to 13 with a ringer and a point. The dinner bell rings at 6 and we fall into our assigned seats. We share a table with the Fanuehuer's. It's a big chow down, corn chowder, salad, R-beef, mashed spuds, zuks, fresh bread and chocolate cake. We BS after crew show. Everyone introduces themselves and tells a story. There's a reunion of chalet workers, a retire Boeing engineer, doctors, La-La-s and us two bad ass bikers. Rangerette Shelly tells us stories about bear management. Night before a relocation goes terribly wrong, a cub is killed. We go out to look into Bear Valley but see none (they are planning their revenge). Rooti is convinced that there are none. The meat locker is boarded up with nails protruding. We have coffee and go to bed at 10 p.m. We BS quietly but someone yells at us to knock it off. Charlie scurries around.

8-14 FRI
Reveille at 6:50 sharp, but actually we were awake earlier. I'm looking out the little window from the top bunk, the covers are pulled up around me because it is freezing. The snow is coming down hard and the morning light silhouettes the pine tree. A good subject for a Christmas card! Hey, it's August 14th! An electric razor starts up next door- we think "Hey, keep it down in there" but don't say it. I climb down and step barefoot onto the cold stone floor. Outside there's a line of raincoats in front of the rest room, all complaining about the summer snowfall. We dress and go into the dining hall for 7:15 breakfast. Our choices were made the night before. I have apple juice, 2 eggs over easy, bacon, 1 hot cake and hot chocolate. We talk with The Family. The two boys want to hike over Swiftcurrent so we are offered a ride around form Logan Pass. At 9:30 we say good-bye to Kathy & crew and the Granite Park Chalet and head south along the Highland Trail. The snow has stuck to the trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers but fortunately not to the bare ground so the trial is easily found. The chalet fades with out step as we call out to Mr. Bear, oh please, don't eat us. We turn for one last look at the chalet, a mere gray shadow on the mountain ridge. We move on and the clouds move in around us. A peak appears and disappears above us. You can see across the valley and in a few steps you cannot. A lone big horn sheep grazes along the trail, uncaring of our presence. We pass the famous bear poops and confirm that as reported, they are full of huckleberries. About noon we stop for lunch. The chalet has provided us with a ground ham sandwich on delicious homemade bread, a candy bar, cookies, raisins and orange. The clouds part enough for some photos and we pass another big horn, just below us this time. Soon we are back into the fog. Haystack, we are told, looms in the distance. We climb to 7000 ft. around it. The snow is two or three inches deep but the path is mostly clear. A dark line ahead and behind. We can hear the highway below. We are tempted to toss rocks at the RVs. Finally we make it to Logan Pass. Back to the cars and people. Dave leads us to his car, an old Chrysler station wagon. We cruise this handsome boat down the hill and Dave explains some hikes we should consider. Sperry Chalet for one. He drops us off at my bike and says good-bye and we head back to the hotel. We check into room 453. Okay, let's party! Well, we shower and have a few drinks. Rooti drops a real bomb so we have to evacuate the place. He calls Kim and talks for an hour. It's glum, Rooti doesn't know what to do, wants to go back by Boulder. So we have more drinks and then go have dinner in the big room. Afterwards we watch Show Place of the Rockies, the hotel crew puts on a pretty good show, Mozart. They are all college kids.

8-15 SAT
We get up and its still cloudy. So we get the room for another night. We goof off and decide maybe its nice enough to ride up to Waterton Lakes for a look see. We make it past customs to the overlook and see that it is raining in Waterton so we turn around. US customs asks us how long we've been in Canada- We stop in Babb for a six pack & cigs. Go back to the hotel to party. This time we eat at Swiftcurrent and have to demand service. Have hot-dogs. Watch slide show on People in Glacier.

8-16 SUN
Leave Glacier, buy fudge and bear bells. Go by KFC stand- look for diner in Browning- none, should have stopped. Go on to Choteau, have good CB, rings and C shake. Windy. Jet south. Stop in Hell- in-ya for food. Ribs. Go through Boulder, see Hot Springs Hotel. Weather improves to partly cloudy. Almost run out of gas. Camp at Palisades. Play Frisbee. Cold when the sun goes down. Neighbor is on first trip without bike. Has wife and kids in pick-up. Sighs, this could be you.

8-17 MON
Break camp and head for YELLOWSTONE. Go by Earthquake Lake, through giant slide area and Lake Hibeger. West Yellowstone is zoo. We get air and go into Park. I pick the wrong line, we wait and wait. Get site 290 at Madison CG. We ask for the worst site available, maybe one that bears frequent. Set up camp and go visit Norris Geyser Basin. We check out lower basin first, then walk around to upper basin where everyone is waiting for Rooti & Tunis to arrive. E. (?) Geyser is supposed to erupt. People have been waiting for hours. As soon as we arrive it erupts and puts on a 10 minute show. We go to Gardner for food- chicken. We have PB&J for lunch. Go looking for log cabin- find it at Mammoth HS. Go back to camp. See buffalo herds. Good old boys are parting beside us, drink gallons. Have big fire, borrow saw. Trees are dead all over the place. Rooti eyes neighbor girls.

8-18 TUE
We break camp. Good old boys are a little quiet this morning. We stop at Old faithful Inn for gas. A geyser erupts in the back ground so we don't have to go look for one. We head south. The RVs are light to a pain in the ass. One is too many. Rooti hates waving to bikers but there are not that many. I'll wave to beemers. Or busses for spite but they don't wave back. We stop at South Entrance for picture of sign. Talk to LA couple, from Everett once, who ride a Virago w/trailer. Man, woman and dog want photo. We go south into TETONS NP, check out Jenny Lake and think about hike camp at Surprise Lake but it is full. Decide to day hike it and go to Gros Ventre CG, set up camp. Go into Jackson Hole for laundry and food. Tunis Taco night. Come back after having a good dose of aggravation in town. Play Frisbee. Cook dinner and have nice fire. Real blazer.

8-19 WED
Goof around camp, then head up for our hike. Surprise Lake, same as 83 trip. Have sandwiches, candy bars, oranges, beers. Jet up, hang out at Amphitheater Lake, then hike to view spot. Looks right into central glacier pit of Tetons and back out to panoramic view of Jackson Hole. Should have brought my camera! We check out campsites and head back down. We pass a small brown bear, actually cinnamon color, right beside trail. Just rooting around. Rooti thinks I'm kidding. Hamburgers, and another blazer.

8-20 THUR
Break camp and go into Jackson Hole for C & D, find the Ranchhouse, write postcards. Head south via Hoback, jet mode. Top at Safeway- now Farmer John's in Evanson. Rooti calls Courtney about Lake Powell. Stop at RR station for photo. Get Saturn Missiles at fireworks stand. Stop at DQ for salt. Go down into High Uintahs- raining so we continue down to Provo- Motel 6. Go to Holy Ancient China Gods- Maple Leaf. Very good, great service. Rooti crashed into ATM. Watch King Kong heart x plant.

8-21 FRI Go to donut shop, check out Mormon girls. Think about cycle shop. Go and find it- it's bankrupt. Seal will have to wait. Go over Soldier Summit into Price, fool around, get food, head south. T- storms all around. Get to cut-off, it's gravel, 30 miles of washboard, it's raining, decide to go around. I-70 over mountains to Salina, check on Fish Lake but RVs have it locked up. Go into Bicknell and find stray cat canyon- Sunglow. Tired. Just one other camper there. Tunis goulash. At midnight the boys pull in and camp across from us.

8-22 SAT
At 8 a.m. the boys start- ATV city. Rrrrr rrrr. RRRR rrr r. Pisses us off. We were going to goof off all day but decide to go to Hite. Take out time, visit CAPITOL REEF, check out ranger station, CG, cabins. Run from rain. Stop at Hole In The Wall at Hanksville for ice cream and gas. It's a zoo. Rooti won't let me forget it was my idea. South to HITE- we wonder where the campground is- kind of rocky and nondescript. Check out store. Wind comes up as we attempt to put up our tents. Dinner is delayed. Colorado girls pull in, move over by us, we show them the nail method for tent staking. Later they come over for beers and a jay. We BS and it starts to rain. We could but don't. Cook corn and steak dinner. Rains more but quits soon after sleep.

8-23 SUN
LAKE POWELL - HITE Wake up and have breakfast. Colorado girls split early. Don't even say good bye. Apparently we should have. Oh well, next time. We go get the boat. Start to think about waiting all day for Courtney... what if. But there are no phones! But exactly at noon, as planned, he rolls in. "Courtney" Okay, let's party. We pack up the boat and go to the grocery one last time. I pull in and go to use my side stand- and over she goes- What's a cycle trip without a good crash? Well, now that's out of the way. We get ice and stuff and head out south- though the marina suggested north. It's all rock cliffs so we decide to head north, up Cataract Canyon, under the arched highway bridge it's a long narrow canyon, straight and then Sss around with only small side canyons and tall walls its pretty baron. Sheep Canyon is nothing. Just beyond we land a a little pocket to explore. Someone had built a fire pit there, there's not much of a mooring but there's a fair terrace with ample sand and a small pine tree. It is ringed with diving cliffs and deep water. It could be better so we go explore up river. Check out Dark Canyon, nothing. The river is full of silt, sticks and debris. We thumbs down and head back for our original landing. We discover an arch just up river from our spot. We set up camp just before it rains. A light dry desert rain. We cook ham, potatoes and corn.

8-24 MON
It rains until midnight. I'm on too much of a slope for a good sleep. I'll move my tent and terrace the spot in the morning after French Toast. We go back to the marina for gas and then explore The Dirty Devil River Canyon. It's real narrow with high cliffs, lots of curving amphitheaters. There would be some good camping for the Stray Cats. We soon find the headwaters with more mud and debris. A ski boat comes in and turns around. We hang around, exploring, eat ham and cheese sandwiches, lazing in the sun. We find a good Tunification rock in a false turn. After a while we decide to head back- when we get to the main channel we see a big black cloud moving our way. We can just keep in front of it through the long straight away but it gets very windy as we reach the bend. It's not raining yet but lightening is strikes all around. We dock and run for cover. It rains like crazy in sheets. Our shelter is a rock overhang but water trickles underneath it. Good thing the storm only lasts for half an hour. Then we see blue sky but don't believe it. The sun comes out while it's still raining. We survey the situation and decide to go to the high perch if it rains again. We cook spaghetti for dinner. R & C go tuna huntin- catch and release some striped bass. We eat under clear skies. Can't believe it. At dusk we light off the Saturn Missiles, bottle rockets and a M-80 depth charge. Real cool boom underwater- the flash is green-yellow and big- poor tunas. We star gaze and see a slow but very bright shooting star.

8-25 TUE
It's still clear. We get up and go fishing. Relax around camp. When the sun clears the hilltops we go swimming after a late breakfast of ham and cheese omelets. At 2:30 we head for Hite marina. We note our favorite cloud is lingering, then goes in for the kill. It just misses us. We check the boat in and get groceries, and head for NATURAL BRIDGES. Stop at Fry Canyon for beer. Courtney drives slow- we wait for him to catch up. Eat hot- dogs for dinner.

8-26 WED
Take loop around Natural Bridges- hike to Kachina Bridge. Say good-bye to Courtney and go south via Mokee Dugway. Stop and look, go to Goulding Trading Post. Dodge storm around Keyenta, wear rain gear for a while. Roll into Flagstaff, hotel, prepare for Havasu, shower, watch boob tube.

8-27 THUR
Wake up, go to Bob's Big Boy and have the buffet. Gas up, come back and pack up, jet to Seligman, stop for gas. Jet out to hilltop, go through rain cloud, dodge cows, deer and coyote. Arrive at Halipi Hill Top. Indian's like Rooti's bike, two guys and a skankie girl want to know where our ice cold beers are. I come back from looking at the canyon to see what's going on. One of the bucks, the biggest one, is laying across Rooti's bike. He has a horse for $20. Cheap but not with these guys. We want to walk anyway. He checks the zippers on my jacket, hoping that something will fall out. Finally they give up on us and go over to water their horses. Hoping our bikes are still there when we get back we take off. Our packs are too full. It's 1 p.m. It's sunny with just a few clouds but not too hot. We jet down, a forced march. We stop just above J-break rock for tuna sandwiches, sip the ice hot lemonade in the shade of a large boulder. Then on again. We stop once more before pushing on into SUPIA. There is evidence of a flood, debris wraps the trunks of trees, sand and silt are swirled around everywhere. The cane fields are laid down, swept like hair. As we enter the village a young voice hidden inside one of the homes suggests obscenities as we pass. They grow stronger as we get further away. A horse grazes with a big one. There are ponies and horses tied or fenced in each yard. We check into the tourist office and cough up $46 each for four nights in paradise. We go to the post office and mail postcards, they'll be hauled out by pack horse. We buy a pop at the grocery store and wonder why we hauled in all our stuff. We hang out at the square. The tourist put on a pretty good show. It took us three and a half hours to hike down. We head for the campground another two miles down, eager to see the falls and rope swing. We pass Navajo Falls which is more just a wet terrace. Finally we arrive at HAVASU FALLS. The swing is still there. We go find a campsite. It seems like a lot of people are there but it is probably because the lower sites are still wet and muddy because of the flood. We check out the old sites and finally decide on a spot in the crowd. My tent is right beside the trail which is a mistake. I'm exhausted and my feet are tired. We heat some soup to go with cheese and crackers. We check out the perch, still stinky. Later we hike down to check out Mooney Falls. The stars come out. We drink too Coors, good even at river temperature. It's easy to sleep. I have the key, dog, bomb dream- very strange. In Havasu.

8-28 FRI
We sleep in and relax. Eat trail mix and have tea. Talk with neighbors, two kids from NYC. Have oatmeal. Goof off. Neighbors are leaving. We go check out rope swing, dive in. Swim and relax. Check people out, talk to NYCers again. Play Frisbee. We go back to camp and Charlie has eaten through the string we had holding our food pack up. Little fucker. He's kicked our ass, got trail mix and an oatmeal pack. We have chicken soup, cheese and crackers for lunch. Tunis starvation diet. Would be nice to have some other liquids, maybe apple juice, V-8. The water sucks. Credit goes to Rex the dog for chasing Charlie. Take afternoon nap- all afternoon, wake up at 6! Walk down to Mooney. See Rooti there, he has stomach cramps. Oh no. Walk back to camp, a German kid is camped right beside us. There's plenty of room guy. We sort of move over for him. Orange, Campbell's chicken soup and potatoes for dinner, save pepperoni and pudding. Rooti's stomach puts him to bed early.

8-29 SUN Plan was to hike down to the river but change that into going into town for some fruit juices. Water is really minerally. In the bottom of your cup is a quarter inch of silt! After breakfast of tea and oatmeal we hike up to Supia and get V-8, OJ and AJ. We indulge in ice cream cones. Come back to camp and go to Havasu Falls, swim, swing and relax in the pools. Skinny blond with hardly any clothe on comes down. Too skinny. We go back to camp for some juice and then hike down Mooney. Troll for Indian maidens. Salmon, smoked oysters, crackers, juice and pudding for dinner. Talk with NASA telemetry tech, runner guy with family. ZZZZ out early.

8-30 SUN
Sleep in, wake and everyone has gone. Even the city has pulled up stakes. We lounge around, have breakfast, go up to falls. I almost hit Rooti off the rope swing (Frisbee game). Swim around and work on tan. Come back for lunch, summer sausage and tuna. Location secession. Meet French couple, Sylvia and Thiery, interesting talk. Eat dinner and crash.

8-31 MON
Wake at dawn and break camp. Eat last oatmeal, Rootibar, orange and tea. Get water and start walking at about 6:30. Stop at store for pop. Notice skinny blonde has day pack and her Scando pal has huge pack- we figure she has her swim suit and some make-up. We march on. Stop for quick water breaks only. Hit switch backs still in shade and we are out by 10:15. Our bikes are still there. Talk with hilltop cop, buy pop for 50 cents, repack. Ride to Peach Springs, gas and PO. Ride to Kingman, eat at Carl's Jr. See lots of Japs. Ride over to Hoover Dam. Hot, hot ride. Have usual double large lemonade, hang out for an hour waiting for it to cool down. Roll into LAS VEGAS via stop light Blvd. Check into Frontier, party room 2030 for $40- TV doesn't work but we get it fixed. Pre- season football. Gamble a few dollars. Walk to Stardust, prime rib for $1.59 plus $2 tip!! From Paradise to Roll the Dice.

9-1 TUE
Listen to news, it was only 116 degrees in Bullhead City. guess it was hot at Hoover. C&Ds for breakfast after we figure out the service in the restaurant is very poor. Go to Big Al's and check on my final drive seal. It's weeping oil but Al doesn't have the part. Should be okay, just keep an eye on the fluid level. DQ. Go by Nellis AFB, stop at Polar King for frosty. Ride into ZION NP. Choose site #7 in south CG. Talk with good old boy. book, say hi to Oh Canada bicyclist. Eat beers, cheese, crackers and soup. Windy night.

9-2 WED
Goof around camp, go have C&Ds. Do value clearance on bikes, laundry, check out rock shop, RB sandwiches. Hike Angle's Landing. BQ chicken, corn and potatoes chow down.

9-3 THUR
Break camp early, jet north. Cloudy after Richfeild. Turn east into wind storm. Tense cross wind. Hit frosty stand in Green River. Decide to stay in Motel 6 in GJ (Grand Junction). Rain all around us, watch football, pool and shower.

9-4 FRI
Weather is still poor. Jet to Rootiville. Dodge rain- cold in mountains. Boulder at 3 p.m. is zoo. Rooti goes to the gallows p.m. (Kim?) Watch Seahawks trample 49ers. Rooti pop popcorn.

9-5 SAT
BOULDER, COLORADO - Goof off in Rootiville.

9-6 SUN
Go to cycle shop in Denver three times. What a worthless town. Coloradians love to tailgate almost as much as they like to speed. Roads are rotten to slow them down.

9-7 MON
Labor Day. We screw around, party.

9-8 TUE
Rooti spends Tuesday night with Kim. Guess things are okay.

9-9 WED
Seadog drops by Wed. night.

9-10 THUR
Play Frisbee.

9-11 FRI
I finally repair the leaking seal on my bike.

9-12 SAT
We take a hike and then Tunify.

9-13 SUN
Watch Seahawk Denver game. Party, slide show is canceled due to Rooti Rooti's out. Pam wants to Rooti out of Monday morning breakfast. Wants me to come to Ft. Collins or stay another day & go to softball game- I don't know what to do. She's had all week to see me.

9-14 MON
Time to leave. Go up to Fort Collins and have breakfast with Pam at weird diner. Have eggs- hard to eat. We talk. Time is up quickly, say good-bye. Go up Poudre River Canyon. Hard to concentrate on driving. Have to stop and think Pam thoughts. The fools dance. Talk to Chicago biker. I keep thinking about staying one more night but can't do it. Resolve to write and call. The aspen are changing. It's very beautiful. I dodge clouds and rain. Into Centennial Valley. It's cold. I go north into Wyoming, west to Rawlings, road north looks bad but I chance it, make it through Muddy Gap with just a little weather. Go through front into cold/clear but heavy cross wind. Eat at Mac's in Lander. Camp at SINKS CANYON SP. Write Pam a sad letter.

9-15 TUE
Break camp and pay $2.00. Check out the sinks and rise of the Popi Agie River. Very cool, river disappears and reappears half mile down the canyon. Get ribs at Safeway. Run into Dubois for lunch. Eat at Cowboy Cafe. CB, F & a shake. Go up to Wind River, stop at alpine lake. Go into TETONS, meet my friend from Chicago. Go up into YELLOWSTONE, around Thumb, into Canyon, check out Artist Point. I'm awed, sun is bad. Go to Norris CG, full of RVs. Told to camp at walk in spot, W-11. Very cool, by the stream and field. Get to watch elk and buffalo from my picnic table. Cook ribs. Ranger comes by and says I need to be extra careful with food, two nights ago a GRIZZLY BEAR was hanging around this site. Great, as I wipe the rib grease off my face. Elk are baying. Sounds like a high pitched flute whistling. I know how they feel. Cold night. Meet Swede doing globe tour on Sukzuki. I leave a rib bear trap way down path.

9-16 WED
No bear, I'm disappointed. It's cold so I build a small fire. Break camp and go back to Artist's Point. What a view, good light. I tell European not to flip his cigarette butts into Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, in sign language. Get applause. It's COLD, cold and colder! I go up to Tower Falls, then around to Mammoth, Gardner and out to the north. There is snow on the mountain sides, 1000 ft above the valley floor. Dodge clouds. Cold. It's in the 40's, maybe 50 in the lower places. I jet up I-90 through Boseman, Butte, Missoula, checking cycle shops along the way, looking for winter gloves! Hun, what are they? We'll have some next week when the snowmobiles arrive. Thanks. I ride to sunset, make it to WALLACE, IDAHO, cold and tired. Star Motel is full, she forgot to turn on NO vacancy sign. Suggests I go to the Jameson B&B. Cool old hotel across from NP depot. Only $30 room. Go to bar for beer, meet Kathy, the friendly bartender, and Roger, the logger asshole. Take shower which is great, relax in comfort, room #4. Knock on the door. Kathy.

9-17 THUR
Wake early, call home. Eat biscuits and gravy, pack up bike. Wait until museum opens at 9 a.m. Nice depot. It's warmed up when I depart. I jet westward by Kellogg, Cour'd Alene and Spokane. Meet weirdo at rest stop, he's so happy about changing his oil filter using TP (I think he stole from rest stop). Pass by Moses Lake, decide to keep on I-90 and jet. Up Snoqualmie Pass, nice day, but tired. Get to North Bend at 5:30, take 202 to Redmond, and up I- 405 home by sunset. The Munsells are visiting, have salmon BQ, say hi to Tootes.


5793 miles

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