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West portal of GN Ry's Cascade Tunnel.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


A Motorcycle Story

by C. C. Crow
photos by author

Subject: NPRHA 2000 Convention
Date: 7/31/00 10:45:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Killerkrow
To: rooti@square.nut

Continuing again with Part One, I finally made it into Helena.

Then it was four days of historical convention, meeting old friends and all sorts of fun stuff in Helena. I forgot what I volunteered myself for. I'm sure someone will remind me. I took photos of the model contest and somehow winged it through my presentation. They clapped at the end so it must have been all right.

2000 NPRHA excursion train. Helena depot. 640 x 438

Waiting for the NPRHA 2000 convention excursion train at Helena, Montana

Waiting for the NPRHA 2000 convention excursion train at Helena, Montana. 640 x 464
The clock tower at Helena, the moment of our departure.
2000 NPRHA excursion train. Vestible seating. 640 x 450
2000 NPRHA excursion train, Mullan Pass east portal. 640 x 445
2000 NPRHA excursion train crossing Skyline trestle. 640 x 441

The highlight of the Northern Pacific Railway Histocial Association's 2000 Convention was a rail excussion from Helena to Missoula and back over Mullan Pass including one quarter of the trip riding in the dome car.

2000 NPRHA excursion train rear crossing trestle.
2000 NPRHA excursion train, side view in dome car.
2000 NPRHA excursion train, kid definately having fun.
2000 NPRHA excursion train, up ahead.
2000 NPRHA excursion train, Helena.
2000 NPRHA convention, laundry service.

2000 NPRHA convention, laundry service

On Sunday after the convention concluded I headed north. An exit sign caught caught my eye for Wolf Creek. Sounded cool plus it was off the Interstate. There I found exactly what I was looking for, The Wolf Creek Saloon. No, not for a drink, for a masonry building, ideal for my modeling. One picture was all I needed.

Wolf Creek Saloon.

The Wolf Creek Saloon, Wolf Creek, Montana

Wolf Creek Saloon model. 546 x 380

My Wolf Creek Saloon 1/4" model.

I continued heading north towards Glacier National Park. Another bright day but the wind was blowing so it was a tough run. Slowed me down to 45 mph but I eventually made it into Browning.

Blackfoot warriors.

These scrap iron warriors greet you as you come into the Blackfoot Indian Reservation.

Rocky Mountains.

Approaching the Rocky Mountians

Concrete teepee in Browning, Montana.

This teepee should stand up to the wind. It's made of concrete!

BNSF freight train.

BNSF freight train

East Glacier RR bridge.

GN steel trestle just east of East Glacier, Montana

Finally arriving in East Glacier I stopped at the grocery to pick up my dinner. Unfortunately, East Glacier has decided to fall off the edge of the earth and there were no flesh meats available. No frozen for that matter. I was still burning off the rich convention food so I settled for a can of corn, Top Romen soup and milk for the morning.

As I'm walking back to the bike there's a group of people gathered around my motorcyle, eating ice cream, and commenting on... how it looks like my rear tire is going flat.

A three inch nail sticking through my rear tire.

This sure doesn't look good

You can imagine how my delight waned. It's an interesting story how I resolve this situation. I'll do that at a later time. Let's just say it wasn't easy. There isn't even a working compressor in East Glacier, but there is a train station...

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