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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


    DURANGO and GUNNISON Roundhouse in On3!

    I'm taking digital pictures of my progress on the O-scale roundhouse models as I go and posting them here on my web site. It's more a scapbook than it is a well organized essay at this point. Perhaps later when I have the time- Note that this is a work in progress and not all sections are posted at this time.

        Durango Roundhouse Kit Page    



        Durango Prototype    

        Gunnison Prototype    


        Durango 2006 Convention    

        Constructing the Patterns    

        Mold Making    

        Casting Hydrocal    

        The Floor Plan    

        Constructing the Base    

        The Inspection Pits    

        Fitting the Parts   

        Coloring Brick and Stone    

        Building the Roof    

        The Engine Doors    

        Final Assembly    

        The Boiler House    

        Foreman's Office and Crew Room    

        Additional Details    



      Gunnison Notes    

        The Pilot Model Display    


    My good friend Glenn Farley encourged me to do the roundhouse models in O scale after completing Gunnison in Sn3. The narrow gauge bug had hit him really big. After much taunting I finally gave him a challange: Okay, I'll do the brickwork with a focus on doing Durango properly and you do the stonework for Gunnison. Thinking this would get him off my case I went along merrily. A few months went by and I had almost forgotten about it when the phone rang. It was Glenn checking in. How you doing on the brick work? Oh, pretty good. I'm kind of busy with orders. How about you. Well, I'm working on it over the holidays. In February, the phone rings again. It's Glenn. He's almost done. He needs some more of the hand-carved stone stock panels. He wants to do the interior.

    What have I gotten myself into? Glenn pointed out that it appears there was a door in the side wall he is doing. There, right behind the tail of that locomotive. Sure enough, it look like there is. Another roster shot revealed some more detail. None of this had appeared on the drawings I had worked from when I did it in S-scale. Nor had I seen them in the books and photos I had. And so it is not in my model. But it is on Glenn's. And it will be in the kits along with a bunch of other details we have discovered along with the interior brick and stone. When I hung up the phone I knew I had to get busy on the brickwork I had promised.

    Glenn is writing a series of articles about the Gunnison roundhouse model that will be published in the Narrow Gauge Gazette so for the time being this section will be limited to some teasers photos.

interior shot of Glenn Farley's Gunnison roundhouse.

interior shot of Glenn Farley's Gunnison roundhouse.

interior shot of Glenn Farley's Gunnison roundhouse.

interior shot of Glenn Farley's Gunnison roundhouse.


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