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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


    DURANGO and GUNNISON Roundhouse in On3!

    I'm taking digital pictures of my progress on the O-scale roundhouse models as I go and posting them here on my web site. It's more a scapbook than it is a well organized essay at this point. Perhaps later when I have the time- Note that this is a work in progress and not all sections are posted at this time.

        Durango Roundhouse Kit Page    



        Durango Prototype    

        Gunnison Prototype    



      Durango 2006 Convention    

        Constructing the Patterns    

        Mold Making    

        Casting Hydrocal    

        The Floor Plan    

        Constructing the Base    

        The Inspection Pits    

        Fitting the Parts    

        Coloring Brick and Stone    

        Building the Roofs    

        The Engine Doors    

        Final Assembly    

        The Boiler House    

        Foreman's Office and Crew Room    

        Additional Details    


        Gunnison Notes    

        The Pilot Model Display    


convention header.

    ROAD TRIP! After working all spring and summer for that matter on the roundhouse model the reward was taking it to the 2006 National Narrow Guage Convention in Durango. I wish I could have fit the thing on my motorcycle but the trunk of a car would have to do. I know you probably don't care to see my vacation photos but this was a big part of the model's construction. It set a certain deadline, a goal, and was an adventure in itself going back to roam the land of the model's origin, ride the trains, and look at the remaining sections of the Durango roundhouse to see if I did it right.

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rear wall of the Durango roundhouse

    Let's see. I think the best way to do this is day-by-day. Below is a list and brief description of the day's events. Click the links for the photo album if you want to see more.

        Getting Ready    

        SAT. August 19, we leave...    

        SUN. August 20, the better part of UTAH    

        MON. August 21, check-in    

        TUE. August 22, a train ride to Silverton    

        WED. August 23, a Goose ride    

        THUR. August 24, we're here (in Red Mountain)    

        FRI. August 25, the show, San Juan Shops, dead time.    

        SAT. August 26, teardown, Aztec ruins and Chama    

        SUN. August 27, ride The Cumbres & Toltec    

        MON. August 28, Creede, Lake City, Crested Butte and Gunnison    

        TUE. August 29, Northern Nevada RR, Route 50    

        WED. August 30, N. Cal., DQ and home.    

license plate.

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