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Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse.

Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse.

Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse

      I'm working on it. Well, sort of...

    I had foolishly choosen to do the Denver & Rio Grande's Gunnison Roundhouse as my first S-scale kit. Foolish because I thought it was a really cool building that everyone would like however the response has been really cool. I mean cool, like really cold. Like almost no interest at all. Maybe five guys. Just five. Interested, sort of...

    If I hadn't already started on the patterns (in fact, they are almost done) I would have dropped the project. Didn't Thomas Yorke do that once? Yeah, he was going to do one of his kits in S scale but no one responded. Man, I don't know what's wrong with you guys but this sure isn't encouraging.

    I've been told and told to do something in S-scale. Anything. So here it is. And dead silence.

    I know, I know, why don't I do Durango, or Chama or another more well known and more likely modeled location? Good question. Well, I was all set to do Ridgway, it was only natural after doing it in HO, but Banta Model Works announced they were doing it so I backed off. This was one of the many mistakes I've made in my life. I should have took their stupid laser cutter on! What a joke. I mean the masonry patterns they cut. Sorry, but no machine can come close to what a human artist can do. But hey, if you want that laser-fried stuff I'm not going to stop you.

    Anyway, I'm doing Gunnison. Sometime. A few Sn3 model railroaders are going to be very happy. It is a really cool building. Brick on one side (which I suspect is a standard plan because it looks a lot like Salida and a lot like Durango!) and stone on the other. Who can resist such a combination? This will be down and dirty though, nothing fancy. And when I get around to it. No need for me to hurry.



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