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Havasu Falls.

The Fine Art of Motorcycle Touring


A Motorcycle Story

by C. C. Crow
photos by author

Havasu Canyon

grand expanse of Havasu Canyon, a finger of the Grand Canyon, is a mile or two wide and maybe sixteen miles to the Colorado River. Puffy white clouds dot the blue sky.

Havasu Canyon viewed from the Hilltop
We leave our bikes behind and begin the 8 mile walk.

A shere rock wall is criss-crossed with a steep trial.

The trail quickly descends these switchbacks.

trail horses carry everything in and out of Supia including the US mail.

You could hire a horse.

Havasu trail.

Havasu trail follows the drywash downward

A nice dark crack to hide from the sun.

A favorite reststop about halfway is the nice overhang

A group of tall rocks stand watch over the Indian village.

It's said when these rocks above the village fall so will the Havasupi.

Navajo Falls is just a wide scrabble or rocks and brush.

A small river has formed out of the drywash, seeping out from the plateau above. It's first obstical is Navajo Falls.

The clear blue pools below Havasu are a fovorite swimming hole.
Havasu Falls.

Our first view of Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls.

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls.

Havasu Falls

a small Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom.

Land of the Prickly Pears Cactus.

A meadow filled with small cactus.
a small stripped lizzard.

Larry the Lizzard is one of the many local inhabitants

A young woman in a white bakini gazes at the falls.

The pools below Havasu Falls are sometimes inhabited by other interesting creatures like this Scandinavian model. We thought she was a little too skinny and tossed her back.

Tales of Havasu.

A large tree right by the base of the falls supports a rope swing.

What's this rope tied to this tree used for?

This is going to be fun.

Oh, it's a rope swing. Cool!

You climb the tree.

Okay, Tom'll hit you with the frezbee.

Havasu Falls.

It looks easier than it is.

A shere rock wall.

The canyon walls are scoured by time.

The top of Mooney bench.

Below the campground the canyon floor drops off again. This bench has been built up inch by inch, year by year, by the endless deposits of minerals in the water. It's two hundred feet tall.

Mooney Falls.

Mooney Falls

a hole in the rocks.

Hey, this way down.

layers of strange fins.

These layers of odd fins in the shape of the waterfalls make up the bench

a travetine fin.

A view down the canyon

a hole in the rock formation.

The trail is cut through the rocks

an interesting view of the falls behind a large stone fin.

The outflow of Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls.

Mooney Falls

The pools below Mooney Falls.

The pools below Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls.

Swimming under the falls

Rooti's blue moon.

Rooti tried his luck trolling for Indian maidens

Rooti diving into the water.
The rope swing tree.
Rooti splashing water.
Tom and Rooti march ahead.

The hike out begins early

Our bikes are safe and sound.

The bikes have been wondering where we've been

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