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    Yes, BUILDERS IN SCALE has moved to Mukilteo, Washington!

    Our products are available in very limited supplies right now while we adjust. We hope to get them back into shops who care shortly or you can order direct. Check current availability.


    Jim and Jan Haggard have decided to move in other directions so C. C. Crow has decided to take over. We think it is a great fit! As you know, both businesses are well known for their high quality craftsmanship. So not only can we look foreward to the return of Builders In Scale fine scale parts and great kits, but we can watch for new ones too. The laser and white metal manufacturing capibilities of Builders In Scale will also enhanse CCC's future offerings! It's a win-win situation!! We all benifit.

    Builders In Scale had perviously announced and was taking reservations of several new kits, including The Pitkin City Hall in O scale, The Champion Mill in HO, and a Model Foundry kit titled Freeport Foundry. Because of the change of ownership we felt it best to refund any deposits. (If you have made such a deposit Jim should be contacting you directly.) Though we will be considering these projects in the future (they are interesting) we are NOT making any promises at this time.

    We'll take this a step at a time, starting with the many detail parts and modeler's supplies. You will be happy to know that our fine scale chain is back in stock, as are most of the corrugated and ribbed seam metal roofing/siding stocks. We are working on the laser cut shingles- most are in stock (with the Truewood coming). We are also working on the Evening Express kits and will be bringing most of them back.

    Of course all this takes time, so please be patient. We'll be redeveloping our web site (www.buildersinscale.com) and posting the many offerings as soon as time permits. Until then, you might refer to an older copy of the Walther's catalog (2000 or older) for our listings.



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